1. shocking a. 使人震驚的, 駭人的  
shocked a. 感到震驚的
shock vt. 使震驚; 給與衝擊 & n. 撞擊, 震驚
例:Have you heard the shocking news about the plane crash?
The guests were shocked at the host's rudeness.
The shock of the blast shattered the windows in the neighborhood.
2. Prague n. 布拉格 (捷克的首都)
3. Czech a. 捷克 (人) 的, 捷克語的 & n. 捷克人, 捷克語
4. capital n. 首都   
例:Paris is the capital of France.
5. metal a. 金屬的   
例:This metal container won't break easily.
6. wire n. 電線, 鐵絲  
例:The thief opened the car door with a piece of wire.
7. stick vt.
動詞三態: stick、stuck、stuck。
stick A into B  把A插到B裡面
例:He tried to stick the key into the keyhole but it didn't fit.
8. passenger n. 乘客, 旅客   
例:The passengers got nervous when the plane began to shake.
9. electric a. 電的
electricity n. 電, 電力
electric shock  電擊
例:Don't touch the wire; you might get an electric shock.
After the flood, we didn't have electricity for a week.
10. for fun 為了好玩/樂趣
例:We played cards for fun, not for money.
11. tourist n. 觀光客
例:Some tourists got lost in the crowded city.
12. argue vi. 爭論 & vt. 辯論; (堅持) 認為  
argue about ...  爭論……
argue + that子句  堅稱/強烈認為……
例:The couple are always arguing about how to bring up their children.
The accused argued that the witness was lying.
13. ridiculous a. 荒謬的, 怪誕的   
例:That's the most ridiculous story I've ever heard.
14. fare n. (交通) 費用  
fee n. (付給專業人員辦事的手續) 費用
例:Senior citizens need not pay the bus fare.
The English tutor's fee is quite high.
15. charge vt. 索價
例:The plumber charged me a lot of money to fix the toilet.
*plumber n. (修理水管、煤氣管等的) 鉛管工人
16. legal a. 合法的; 法律上的  
illegal a. 非法的
例:If someone sues you, you should get legal advice.
I'm afraid it's illegal to park here.
17. refuse vt. 拒絕  
refuse to + 原形動詞  拒絕……
例:Tammy refused to tell the teacher who broke the window.
18. be in for + 事 必定會遭遇到……
例:You're really in for a good time at Winnie's birthday party.
19. take + 人 + for a ride
原指『開車載人兜風』, 此指『欺騙某人』、『把某人當凱子耍』。
*本文中...she was "really taken for a ride,"...乃為被動用法。
例:A: You'll have to pay me US$100 an hour for my services.
B: Are you trying to take me for a ride?
20. verbally adv. 口頭上地
verbal a. 口頭上的
例:The police asked Peter for a verbal statement of what he saw.
21. abuse vt. 虐待; 濫用
例:According to the report, some prisoners there are physically abused.
The policeman abused his power when he ate the vendor's apples and didn't pay for them.
22. threaten vt. 恫嚇, 威脅
threat n. 恫嚇, 威脅
pose a threat to...  對……構成威脅
例:The teacher threatened the student with severe punishment.
The typhoon poses a serious threat to the crops.
23. violence n. 暴力   
violent a. 暴力的
例:When Mike lost the argument, he resorted to violence.
The fight became violent after a while.

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